For or Against


I heard someone wise once say that she wants to be "known for what she's for; not what she's against." I find that I want the same thing. In a world …



The temps are still a bit up and down, but for the most part, Spring has arrived in the Carolinas. I absolutely love this season - the flowers in …

I Won't Go Back


Every third Sunday morning at Good Shepherd, the rockin’ and rowdy choir gets to be a part of leading worship.  I thoroughly enjoy being in the alto …

Full of Potential - Part 1


The other day, Devin and I took a hike...on our new property! It was so fun to discover all sorts of nooks and crannies we were only able to glance …

No Stopping Point


I recently listened to a postcast interview with Shelley Giglio (wife of Louie Giglio, co-Founder of Passion Conferences, and Chief Strategist and …

Day of Dedication Reflections


When we started on this journey to find land, we were open to just about anything, but we did have a few parameters.  Our list looked like this: …

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