Who We Are

Horse looking at camera

We are a safe place where hurting kids can find hope. We provide a unique setting where kids who are dealing with life challenges can feel the love and attention of a caring adult mentor, a horse and a Savior who loves them beyond measure.

Our Mission

Inspiring the next generation toward Hope. 

Our Vision

We seek to share the love of God and develop character in children through a relationship with a mentor and a connection with a horse. Bright Side Youth Ranch is a safe place where we invest in the child, partner with the family, and care for the horse. Through an environment of love, an interactive session, and an opportunity to provide an example, we desire to introduce children to the Author of Hope and help them take steps forward in personal growth.

Our Story

The ranch, founded established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2014, is firmly rooted in the values of Investing in the Child, Partnering with the Family, Caring for the Horse, Modeling Character, and Sharing the Gospel. On 15 beautiful acres just 20 minutes outside of Charlotte (NC) and Rock Hill (SC), we provide an environment for kids to be heard, valued, loved, and empowered. Bright Side Youth Ranch is a safe place to build trust, develop confidence, and discover Hope, in the person of Jesus. The way we reach the heart of the child is by providing a relationship with a mentor and a connection with a horse, which is all done through our session program. We desire for children and teens to discover they are stronger and more capable than they first imagined and that they can face obstacles in life with confidence and Hope, because we can introduce them to the Author of Hope.

"I like talking to animals, especially horses. You can tell them anything. They listen, and they don’t yell back at you."
Recent Participant