Developing a Plan


Ten acres might sound like a lot of land, but when factoring horses, buildings, and programs, those large spaces can be used up quickly. Since God …

Falling into Place


As stated in a previous blog, Devin and I, along with the kids, made a "quick" run up to Wisconsin to move my horse to another location. We were so …

Holding On


We've had some great moments in the last few weeks, like a mission trip, turning in paperwork to the IRS, seeing my horse, and visiting with so many …

Crazy Awesome


This has been such a crazy yet amazing last couple of weeks at Bright Side and in our personal lives. Devin and I are just coming off of a youth …

Another Year Older?


A few years ago, I was looking at a different birthday and a completely separate bunch of feelings. At that time, I was mostly staying at home with …

Becoming a Circle Maker


I just recently started reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. What prompted me to pick up that particular book? A desire to develop a deeper, …

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