Falling into Place

Collage of images with horse at a barn

As stated in a previous blog, Devin and I, along with the kids, made a "quick" run up to Wisconsin to move my horse to another location. We were so thrilled to see so many friends and family along the way, but the best part of the story is how God worked through the details on my horse Alex. He was being stabled for free at what I like to call a "fancy" barn in Illinois in exchange for using him for beginner riding and jumping lessons. He was a barn favorite until he started exhibiting a hind end lameness that looked like a locking stifle. Anatomy and veterinary details aside, they believed he could no longer be used in their program and asked that we move him to another location. Devin and I really wanted to bring him here to the house since we have the room, but we knew we were not prepared to bring on a horse yet. We looked at several local options, but the best situation turned out to be with a someone in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a dear friend who I have known for years. I worked with her, rode with her and showed with her, and she was the one who helped me find Alex way back when. Long story short, she had her vet look at Alex and discovered the stifle was a secondary issue. He actually has a fractured pelvis and needs to be turned out to pasture with no riding for 3-6 months. That just so happens to be the exact time frame I gave my friend on my estimation on how long Alex would need to stay with her. After that, the vet truly believes Big Al will be just fine for Bright SideYouth Ranch programs, and his willingness to continue to jump and be ridden with a gentlemanly attitude while dealing with a fractured pelvis confirmed my thoughts on what a great asset he will be to the mentoring program. The small details I found frustrating (such as the timing, the lameness, the lack of horses on our property) actually fell right into place. God continues to show me on a daily basis that He really does have it all worked out and that I need to stop freaking out and trying to control everything.

Also, as many of you know, the paperwork was turned in to the IRS a few weeks ago, and we just recently received a letter from them stating that the file is in their review department. Depending on what category our file is placed in, we should hear back from them in approximately 90 days. Apparently, if there are any questions or concerns, the process might take longer, but the company we are working through is not anticipating any setbacks. The letter from the IRS also stated that we are able to accept donations and have them be tax deductable as far back to the start date of the business, which was back in February. Once the IRS approves the 501(c)3 status, the state of South Carolina will then approve the ability to solicit donations. Whew, quite a process and lots of steps involved but very exciting to know that we are just a few short months away from being an official nonprofit!

God is so gracious and generous with His love and patience. As I am sometimes quick to find frustration amid small details that just don't seem to come together, He continues to reveal how He can take what looks like broken pieces and create a beautiful masterpiece. While I am still often overwhelmed in this process, I am definitely learning to trust and believe like never before as God is still faithful day after day.

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