For or Against

A group of horses, looking wild and free

I heard someone wise once say that she wants to be "known for what she's for; not what she's against." I find that I want the same thing. In a world where the voices of contention, criticism, angst, and cynicism are loud and proud, I think a positive spin on what we care about is deeply needed. It's not that my passion for certain issues has diminished - not in the least. I just want to change my verb-age and my attitude. 

For instance, the issue of slavery and human trafficking is a hot button topic and weighs heavy on my heart. I can still convey my stance by saying, "I'm for freedom and justice and second chances." In addition, with the controversy of the wild horses in the west, I imagine you know how I feel about it when I say, "I am for for those horses to run free and with limited and humane interactions from the public." Yet, what has changed in those statements? Hopefully, they are free of condemnation and angry retorts. I'm not trying to point any fingers, because, honestly, I'd have to point them at myself. Many times in the past, I have had plenty of heated responses about other people, situations, and circumstances. And while sometimes the anger may have been justified, my words certainly were not. I don't want to be known for what I rant and rail against. I want to be known for what I am for, and specifically, I hope that others know I am for Hope, Inspiration, the Restoration of Dreams, Rescue, Encouragement, Laughter, Love, and Sharing of Jesus. 

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