Ranch Life

When the Dream is Bigger than the Dreamer


There are moments when I just have to sit down and process all that is happening in me and at the Ranch. There are so many thoughts, so many emotions …



How are we almost through January already? Weren’t we just celebrating Christmas and ringing in 2018? We’ve had some ups and downs in this first …

Unbecoming Wonder Woman


As a child, I loved watching the old episodes of Wonder Woman. I’ve always enjoyed the movies and tv shows of superheroes (which has served me well …

Learning to Grieve


Back in 2004, Devin and I were living in Stafford, Virginia, and traveled back to our previous home in Lexington, Kentucky, to visit friends and gain …

Over the Hill


My birthday was just a few days ago. It was a milestone one. The big 4-0. It’s the one that has been looming over me since I turned 39 last year, and …

Searching for the Right Word


As the holidays came to a close, I turned my heart and mind to the new year, as most people tend to do. I kept seeing friends posting their goals and …

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