Why Use Horses?

In sharing the mission and vision of the ranch, this question inevitably comes up: “Why use horses? I mean, I understand wanting to reach kids, but why do you need horses to do that?” It’s a good question actually, and it’s one that I’m more than happy to answer. In fact, I am often excited to share about the impact animals can have on a child’s life, especially when that animal is a horse.  There are many studies like this one that show the values kids learn from horses. I completely agree with those findings, because I have seen the same results in my own life.  I have spent many years working in and around the world of horses and with some of the people connected with it.  Through those experiences, God has shown me so many truths and revealed much of Himself to me.  Here are just a few of the things time spent at a barn and with horses have taught me:










In the upcoming blog posts, I’ll go through each one of those values and share how I learned them from the world of horses.

Girl brushing the tail of a small pony
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