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Top Thrill Dragster Rollercoaster

Sometimes this journey of stepping out in faith and trusting God reminds me of conquering the Top Thrill Dragster. Yes, I just compared following God to riding a roller coaster.  Stepping out in faith is complete with ups and downs and turns and loops. 

I am an adventurous person by nature and am willing to try just about anything.  However, my personality pales in comparison to my thrill-seeking, fun-loving husband.  And when it comes to roller coasters, Devin believes the bigger, the faster, and the scarier – the better.  So, we have visited Cedar Point Park in Ohio on a few occasions, which is aptly named The Roller Coaster Capitol.  They affectionately refer to themselves as the “Rockin’ Roller Coast.”  At this particular park, there are so many record-breaking coasters that’s it’s hard to get to all of them in one day.  Cedar Point doesn’t just build any coaster; they build thrill machines.

As I said, we have been there several times, and I have conquered most of my various fears on the Millennium Force, which is about 310 feet tall at the first hill and goes 96 mph.  Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself for that one, actually.  I don’t love heights, exactly, and the most challenging part for me is usually the anticipation of going up a hill.  I love the rest of the ride, but I definitely struggle with the first part.  It’s the initial part of the journey where battling fear is the most difficult for me. 

Now, that was all with the Millennium Force.  The last time we were at Cedar Point, however, Devin was convinced we needed to ride the Top Thrill Dragster.  This one is 427 feet tall and goes from 0 to 120 mph is under 4 seconds.  At this point, I’m not sure you can even call it a coaster.  It is a thrill monstrosity.  It looms and towers over everything else in the park and had my heart pounding at just the thought of getting on it.  But, Devin’s mom had been on it.  I mean: Devin’s mom.  How could I not ride it?  We stood in line for about an hour, and my nervousness and fear built with every passing moment.  We approached the loading station and as we were getting strapped inn, I was praying for God to help me survive the next 20 seconds.  Then, I felt a little ridiculous as I thought about my request.  I was placing myself in this foolish position.  Right was we were getting ready to blast off, I almost asked to get off.  But, I was at a point of no return.  The countdown was beginning and I just had to hang on.  And then off we went!

There are no words to describe the thrill and intensity of this ride.  It was unbelievable!  I got off weak and shaky and full of adrenaline, but it was amazing!  I had faced down fears and lived to tell the tale.  All that fear, uncertainty, and waiting was so worth it.  It was worth experiencing the most incredible ride of my life.   

Isn't  trusting God a little similar?  There is so much anxiety at times over taking a step out in faith, but when we do, we find that God was with us the whole time and that following Him is the most amazing journey.  Putting our faith in Him and facing down our fears brings us life and joy beyond imagination.

Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio - rollercoasters
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