The Rail

This is not a picture from Bright Side Youth Ranch, but we do hope and pray to have fencing in the near future.

I have leaned on or sat up on the top rail of plank fencing so many times just to watch horses go around an arena, learn from a clinician, encourage and cheer on fellow riders, dream out loud with friends, and catch up on the latest happenings. It was also while perched on a top rail that I saw our passion for today's youth and our heart for horses come together.

We want our email newsletter to inspire the same with you. We would like to share with you what's happening at the Ranch, have you learn along with us, and open up our hearts to you. It's also an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and see into the journey of making the dream a reality.

So, we have decided to call the monthly newsletter The Rail and would love to have you hop on it with us and join the conversation (if you haven't already) at