Love Your Now

"Love Your Now" in teal letters over the background of a close up of a horse's face

I saw those three little words on a bracelet recently and was so moved by the phrase. But what does it mean? Why do I feel so connected to that truth?

I've had the dream of the ranch (in one form or another)for many years. There were times when the pain and frustration on waiting for God's timing and lack of movement in that direction used to keep me always living in the future in my heart and my mind. But, I found that I was missing so much that God had in store for me in the now. I learned to see life in seasons since seasons come and go and so much in life is temporary. Looking at life this way helped me to be fully vested in a particular season and what God was teaching me in those moments. 

Then, this past fall, we look a leap and moved to follow God's call on Devin's life as a youth pastor and His call on both of our lives to start the ranch. It was easy to forget about the seasons and start worrying about all that was still in front of us. Could Devin find a healthy church willing to hire him? Could we find affordable property? And now, how will we fund the ranch? Will anyone else believe in the mission and vision? We can get so far ahead of ourselves and be consumed with what may or may not happen that we lose sight of what God wants to do in our hearts and lives right now.

We are learning that so much of this journey is about our character, about who we are and who we are becoming. We miss the opportunity to allow God to mold us and shape us and to grow and stretch when we are not fully vested in this moment, this season.

Planning is important and looking ahead is wise, but being mentally and emotionally stuck in the future is not worth the expense of losing a love for the now. Take time to think, reflect, and process who God is asking you to be rather than what it is you are stuck doing. 

All we are given is today. Let's love our now.

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