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It's Not One Size Fits All

Child, adult and horse beside a pond overhung by a weeping willow tree

One of our recent participants deals with anxiety. She’s worked hard to process it on her own and with her family, but the events and isolation from the past year pushed that anxiety to a level where she recognized she needed help. At 14 years old, she understood that this was something that she could no longer manage on her own. So, she asked her mom to be a part of sessions at Bright Side.

In coming to the ranch for mentoring sessions, she’s been able to process her pain, develop confidence, and discover hope.

Just this week, she’s tried out for (and made) her school’s tennis team. Her mom assures us that Bright Side is a big reason she had the confidence to try. We are so thrilled to see this participant take steps forward in growth!

One of our mentor team’s favorite sayings is “Each child is different and each situation is unique.” And, that’s true for our steps forward too. God never grows two people the same way. The steps this sweet teen is taking will look differently than another’s, just like it will look differently for you too. God doesn’t do one size fits all - He was to do something handcrafted with your heart and your life. He wants to do something new. Will you give Him the opportunity?