Inspire and Awaken

In blue letters, "By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others."

"By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others."

I both read and felt the truth of that statement yesterday. That quote casually popped up on my instagram feed as I was in the middle of a pretty encouraging day. It's been so thrilling to discover other dreamers along the way in this journey to get Bright Side up and running, and I had the privilege of interacting with a couple of them yesterday, both in person and through social media. 

I had lunch with a college friend who I really hadn't seen over the years since the equine program days at Midway College in Kentucky. We had connected briefly through facebook, but a love of horses, a heart for kids, a passion for Jesus and a desire to be an agent of Hope brought us back together. What joy to hear what God is doing in her life and through her family, and what a blessing to know that we can support each other in process of doing whatever God sets before us. 

I have also been extremely humbled and blown away by the people who say they read the blog, follow our journey and are motivated to keep moving towards the dreams God has given them. If anything good is happening, believe me, it's completely because God is gracious and continues to give second chances (and third and fourth ones, too). 

I have this silly desire to get a small tattoo on my wrist that says Hope. Originally, I saw the words facing towards me every time I envisioned how awesome it would be to have a tattoo. Recently, though, God gave me a new perspective. For such a long time, as I was in a season of waiting, I needed to see that word and know that the hope was for me. A hope sourced in Jesus and all that He offers, but also a hope that God would choose to fulfill the vision for the ranch. Now, though, Hope needs to face outward for others to read clearly, for others to find it. To find hope and strength and peace in Jesus, and to find a hope for the future. That is what I feel like God is doing through Bright Side Youth Ranch right now. We are in the beginning stages and doing all that we can to open the doors to kids, horses, and families as soon as possible, but that's not only where rescue, inspiration, and hope happens. It can all happen in our hearts in the process, in the journey. 

I know it can be hard to wait on the Lord's timing. I know those dry seasons of character development are extremely challenging. I know that the impossibility of some dreams can be heart wrenching. But, I've come to see that if it's big enough that I can't do it on my own, then it's exactly what will bring me to the point of absolute obedience and dependence on God. And that, my friends, is no better place to be. 

Thank you for walking with us and for sharing your heart and dreams with us. Your stories are such an encouragement to us. If Bright Side Youth Ranch and its humble beginnings and its founders have given you any inspiration to listen harder, trust deeper, and lean harder on the Lord, then we are grateful He chose to use us to do so.

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