Endless Hallelujahs

Outdoor chapel area with a cross in front of a pond with a background of sunkissed clouds

Bright Side Youth Ranch: A place where hope, healing, and faith collides and forms the most beautiful outcomes in the hearts of so many broken children. Getting the blessing to intern, mentor, and be a part of that process this summer was so incredibly special. There’s a saying at Clemson that’s goes, “there’s something in these hills.” But let me tell ya, here on this property in York, SC - there’s something in these fields. And that “something” is Jesus. This land is so drenched in prayer and love by not only the wonderful owners, but by every single mentor and person that supports the cause for hope. It’s so evident in each in every crevice of this property that the Lord is here.

Interning here was a summer experience like no other. I had the blessing of being able to work with a sweet 11 year old girl who had lost her father. In many of the sessions, she expressed anger towards the Lord. I stressed many times that it was okay to be mad at God because guess what? God is bigger than your anger and pain and He is definitely big enough to handle it all. She also learned that while God doesn’t NEED your forgiveness for being angry at Him, it’s still the gesture that matters when you take the time to humble yourself and surrender your anger and confusion to what His plan is, and to back away from your own misunderstanding, knowing full and well that He will carry you through it all. Being able to walk alongside her through her grief for 8 weeks was truly special.

So while I went home many days covered in hay, shavings, and maybe even a little horse poop, I’m singing endless hallelujahs to His holy name, for he is good, and he revealed that He can take a couple of horses and a random 19 year old girl to magnify his name in a child’s life.

- by Julia Loy

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