Bet on Bright Side

Ladies wearing hats at a horse race and clapping

The call of the bugle, the sound of the crowd singing, the shaking of the horses' heads, the proud trotting steps, the gates swinging open, and the shout of "Annnd, they're off!" There is so much to love about the Kentucky Derby, and I look forward to the first Saturday in May every year. 

This particular year is very special though. On May 2, 2015, Bright Side Youth Ranch held its first official fundraiser called Bet on Bright Side at The Lodge at The Sanctuary in Charlotte. As a start up nonprofit, it is so challenging to get resources in place just to open and going, but it is so exciting too. To be at this point in our journey where we can say we are an official 501(c)(3) and that we are so close to opening is a joy.

This Bet on Bright Side event was an opportunity to share the mission and vision publicly and ask for partners in the journey. What better setting of an organization that's all about horses and kids and families than a Kentucky Derby party? It was such a beautiful location on a gorgeous night for dinner, music, and the derby. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make it happen, to each person who came as a guest or served as a volunteer, and to all who chose to give of their finances, time, or resources.

We don't have a total yet, as gifts are still coming in. The truth is, we have an amazing God who provides for the ranch continually. He has always been faithful to meet every need, and I know He will continue to do so.

I still remember being the girl who 8 years ago felt so alone in this vision. Now, we are surrounded by precious people all over the country who are moving forward with us to impact the next generation.

After such an mobilizing spring and empowering event, my heart is full, and I happily want to shout, "Annnd, we're off!"

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