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An Evening with Bright Side

Examining a saddle

A little over a week ago, Devin and I made the trip up to Wisconsin for a wedding. While traveling from South Carolina to Wisconsin isn't a quick trip, we really only had a long weekend to get away, and it was a wedding we just couldn’t miss. When we were first making plans, we wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to meet with friends, thank everyone for their support, and share about how our family is doing and what is happening with Bright Side.

So, one of our Board Members, Beth Gilmore helped arrange An Evening with Bright Side. It was such a wonderful night to visit, laugh, reminisce, and share. While everyone enjoyed dinner, we chatted about our family, showed pictures of the property, talked about all that God has done and is doing, and shared about the plans for the near future of the ranch.

It was such an encouragement to be with so many of the very people who helped launch us forward in faith. They were there when we first began to dream. They were there when we struggled to determine if this vision was really from God. They were there when we were scared to take a risk. And they encouraged us and prayed with us every step of the way. And they continue to dream with us and walk with us in this process.

While at the event, we had the opportunity to share that we have a mission team coming this summer to build a run-in shed for the horses (a shelter to give them relief from the elements). Through the faithfulness and generosity of the over 40 people there, they raised enough funds to get a run-in shed and even went beyond! God is so good, and the people of Racine are such a blessing!

And we even had a saddle and bridle donated to Bright Side! You can see the pictures of our evening below and at Langhoff Creative’s gallery here. What a refreshing, encouraging, and empowering weekend! Thank you to all who made it possible!

Group of listeners
Donation bucket and information
Bright Side Ranch speakers
Many smiles at the Bright Side Ranch event
Laughter at the Bright Side Ranch even
Image collage of a saddle being donated to Bright Side Ranch
Presentation of the ministry at Bright Side Ranch event
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