Against All Hope

Yellow rose bush in front of a home

I know I've stated it before: starting the ranch creates such a roller coaster of emotions. One day everything is exciting and gaining momentum and then on the next day quotes come back and the rose colored glasses are nowhere to be found. Today has been a little more like the latter. I have struggled again with just how big this vision is and how long the road ahead still feels. In the midst of being overwhelmed and a bit discouraged, though, God has been whispering to my heart.

Just the other night, we had a conversation with a long-time friend who just so happens to be a business coach and a Bright Side board member. Being reminded that there are others who believe in the possibilities of the Ranch and in the faithfulness of a really big God is such an encouragement. It also helps to remember who we are in this process is more important than getting caught up in what we are doing. I can't stress enough how much you need other people around you who are willing to cheer you on and lovingly challenge you at the same time. I am so grateful to have people like that in my life, and since we are in the middle of building a new community, it felt good to be known.

Then today, a gleaned some wisdom from an Orange Conference breakout vicariously through the love of my life. (That's my husband and partner in all of life, Devin - in case you were wondering). Hearing that "if you aren't doing something that seems foolish then you are foolish" at least confirmed that I am not the only one who might need to be committed to an asylum for even wanting to accomplish all that God has set before me. It was also good to hear Mark Batterson's personal story connect with what we are going through right now and be reminded that we need to circle everything in prayer.

And finally, God spoke through His word. I am not surprised that opening up the Bible can bring life and truth to a situation, and I am moved by the timeliness of this passage. Romans 4:18 states: "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations." Yeah, just what I needed to read and take to heart. When what God promised seemed ridiculous and absurd to the rest of the world, Abraham believed and found hope anyway because he new God was capable of making the impossible actually possible. These moments of being stretched and even sometimes blocked are opportunities for character to grow and for trust and faith to blossom. Now, to "follow in the footsteps of faith" of Abraham.

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